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Hometown Hero Delta 9 THC Strain-Specific Live Rosin Gummies


Live Rosin, the highest tier of cannabis extracts.

In short, live rosin is nature meets craft. It’s a regal, golden, terpene-rich extract that can only come pressed from bubble hash made from fresh, uncured hemp.

The use of uncured hemp preserves the live terpene profile of the plant. This delivers a curious yet elegant flavor, and when paired with hemp-derived Delta-9, provide great euphoric effects and a balanced synergy.

25 mg THC per gummy

10 gummies per bag

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Cannabis has three distinct variants, indica, sativa, and hybrid. But between and within these groups are strains, also known as cultivars, which offer distinct flavors and properties. These gummies are made with cultivar specific Live Rosin for the most authentic gummy experience on the market.

5 different varieties:

Indica: Northern Lights (natural flavor), Grand Daddy Purple (blueberry flavored)

Hybrid: Gelato (natural flavor)

Sativa: Blue Dream (natural flavor), Super Silver Haze (blood orange flavor)

From taking a load off to adding a touch of fun, Delta-9 is remarkable in both its properties and applications. Derived from hemp, this natural wonder is legal in all 50 states.

Lab Tests/COAs

Blue Dream


Grand Daddy Purple

Northern Lights

Super Silver Haze

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Blue Dream, Super Silver Haze, Gelato, Northern Lights, Grand Daddy Purple


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