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Want To Get Educated On CBD?

We teach classes and host events to make learing fun! 

We are proud to announce the opening of our new CBD Learning Center!

We have partnered with the Cleveland School of Cannabis in order to bring the best educational resources to our community.

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Course Overview

This single weekend course (Saturday and Sunday) covers a wide range of cannabis subjects and is designed to benefit anyone who is thinking of participating in the cannabis industry. Whether you are a patient, entrepreneur, medical professional, seeking employment, or have a general curiosity about medical cannabis, this comprehensive course is enlightening in many ways.

The course covers 7 different topics including History, Advocacy, Horticulture, Medical Cannabis, Legal, Extracts and Business. During the first day of the MCC course, students receive an official CSC Identification card which is valid up to 6 months after the class. The ID card qualifies students to use the library and conference room when available. The ID card also acts as a coupon at many local retailers.

Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate of completion signed by CSC management that can be added to resumes for proof of formal cannabis education. If students choose to take further education through CSC, the cost of the MCC course is be credited towards the cost of tuition

This course will introduce the following subjects:

Horticulture – Designed for future gardeners, lab testers, consultants and regulatory bodies. How to grow cannabis in different environments and how to set up a clean and efficient grow room.

​History – This course will be useful for anyone joining the cannabis industry, but will be especially useful for people who plan to be educators in the cannabis industry. The history of cannabis, prohibition, and legalization.

​Legal – Designed for lawyers, paralegals, legislators, and advisors. History of cannabis legislation with a focus on current laws and market trends. How to serve cannabis clients in the legal field.

​Business – For aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and employees of the cannabis industry. The study of business trends and opportunities in the cannabis industry and study of legislation and how it affects cannabis businesses.

​Extracts, Edibles, and Topicals – For anyone interested in alternatives to smoking. The study of alternative ways to ingest cannabis, how they affect the body and how to produce them.

​Policy and Advocacy – For those curious about the mechanics of sociopolitical change as it pertains to cannabis. This course explores the current landscape of cannabis policy and contemplates its future. Students will learn how cannabis law and policy gets made, who makes it, and how they themselves can play a role in changing it.

​Medical Cannabis – For cannabis patients, medical professionals, and cannabis enthusiasts. This course focuses on medical studies of cannabis, how it affects the body, how it is used to treat illnesses and how patients can gain access to cannabis treatment throughout the U.S.

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