Columbus Botanical Depot
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Joyce Murphy AvatarJoyce Murphy
Try using an herbal remedy from Dr. Elinfoh Sweetie! About a year ago my mum had Breast cancer and Dr.Elinfoh’s herbs cured her! I wish more cancer patients would see the abs use of this... read more - 10/27/2023 
Sam Jeffries AvatarSam Jeffries
They got everything HHC, THCA, Delta 8 & 10 related and many more. The employees are really knowledgeable and friendly. Go check them out! Very nice location as well - 10/27/2023 
James Waltermyer AvatarJames Waltermyer
Wonderful service and incredible staff. Nic, Carly and Red are all amazing. And with so many different options I was really able to find what I needed. I highly recommend. - 10/17/2023 
Marshall Hill AvatarMarshall Hill
They are the best spot to go to when needing anything for pain or other reasons if your into check them out for sure - 10/17/2023 
Tyler Gatchel AvatarTyler Gatchel
Cool place with amazing products - 10/17/2023 
Jenn Kalata AvatarJenn Kalata
I am really impressed! I stopped in today looking for a topical treatment for carpal tunnel. The staff were super welcoming and knowledgeable, and hooked me up with a fragrance-free full-spectrum CBD cream. They even... read more - 9/17/2023 
santiago dominguez Avatarsantiago dominguez
Great place, products and personal assistance - 9/17/2023 
Jaire R AvatarJaire R
Very friendly staff, wide selection of high quality products. If you are looking for cbd products you need to come here! - 8/17/2023 
Andrew Murphy AvatarAndrew Murphy
Cool store and great customer service from Red. Keep up the good work! - 8/17/2023 
Nicole Kirkpatrick AvatarNicole Kirkpatrick
I've been going to the Columbus Botanical Depot since 2016 when I was suffering from severe spine pain and other neurological issues. My cousin highly recommended them and I quickly learned why...Joe and all of... read more - 7/17/2023 
Samantha Kendall AvatarSamantha Kendall
First of all, everyone who works here is super super friendly. Every person I have spoken to is very knowledgable in all of the products that they carry. I can ask 20 questions and I'm... read more - 7/17/2023 
Sue Parker AvatarSue Parker
I live in Louisiana and was referred to them by my niece, who lives in Ohio (and also frequents their shop). They truly are the nicest, kindest, helpful and knowledgeable people I have had the... read more - 7/17/2023 
Zak Gerber AvatarZak Gerber
Has a really good selection. Nice staff. - 7/17/2023 
Riley Harris AvatarRiley Harris
The layout out is amazing!!! I feel like I’m in an actual dispensary from the layout to the knowledge I gained through talking with the employees. I was even lucky enough to meet the owner(Joe)... read more - 6/17/2023 
Nikki Tokarsky AvatarNikki Tokarsky
Love love love this place. Shipping is always so fast. The staff is so kind and helpful. My first time ever going I knew NOTHING and they took the time to educate me and help... read more - 6/17/2023 
Nighttime AvatarNighttime
Not sure of the female’s name that helped me today, but she was great. Told her about my health and she recommended something to help me. But as I am typing this, I have to... read more - 6/17/2023 
I knew nothing about these products when I called the first time. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. My dog has seizures and they hooked me up with a oil that has really helped. I... read more - 6/17/2023 
Noah Miller AvatarNoah Miller
Great staff, Nic was an incredibly helpful employee and was really knowledgeable! They also have a wide selection of D8, D9 and THCA products available - 6/17/2023 
Wayne Froelich AvatarWayne Froelich
Great store. The workers know their products well and can answer your questions. Best shop I’ve found in Columbus. - 6/17/2023 
Kathy Montag AvatarKathy Montag
Everyone at the store is so friendly and helpful. If I’m not in a great mood, I always leave here happy! - 6/17/2023 
Shayne Bunthoff AvatarShayne Bunthoff
Great place with friendly staff, very informative and get me set up with everything I need. - 6/17/2023 
Whitney Grimes AvatarWhitney Grimes
Awesome place. Great service! THCA flower is top tier! - 6/17/2023 
Jordan Friedrich AvatarJordan Friedrich
Professional and informative! Good vibes!! - 6/17/2023 
Amy Baden AvatarAmy Baden
Most knowledgeable about the options!!! - 6/17/2023 
Matthew Savage AvatarMatthew Savage
Best CBD supplier in Columbus in my opinion. What sets them apart is the knowledge and kindness of their employees. I’ve been a customer for years and will continue to be. Be sure to sign... read more - 5/17/2023 
Sharon Lentz AvatarSharon Lentz
Helpful and knowledgeable staff with warm and friendly smiles who are always willing to help. Tell them what you are looking for and they ready with suggestions and options and readily answer questions. I really... read more - 5/17/2023 
Marylyn Kish AvatarMarylyn Kish
The staff is VERY knowledgeable about there products. They are willing to listen to your needs so the right product is sold to you. Time is spent with each customer so you get the proper product. - 5/17/2023 
Justis Keehner AvatarJustis Keehner
Great customer service. The staff is very knowledgeable. Every time I’ve been in there I walk in and am helped right away. - 5/17/2023 
Fred Ramsey AvatarFred Ramsey
You will not find more expertise and quality CBD products anywhere. - 5/17/2023 
Beau AvatarBeau
Great products, friendly and knowledgeable staff. - 5/17/2023 
David Borsari AvatarDavid Borsari
Great products fast delivery, highly recommend - 5/17/2023 
Sargam AvatarSargam
Joe and the team are some of the most passionate and trustworthy people I have ever come across in the industry. They genuinely care about helping others first and foremost and will go above and... read more - 4/17/2023 
Steven Ferguson AvatarSteven Ferguson
Great staff, who are very knowledgeable and helpful. Wonderful selection of products in a wide variety. This is the only CBD store I visit on the regular. Make sure you join their frequent shopper list. - 4/17/2023 
Erica Ellis AvatarErica Ellis
I absolutely love this place ! They carry some amazing products and the staff is very knowledgeable about the products they offer! - 4/17/2023 
Michelle Powers AvatarMichelle Powers
I love this place! All the employees are super friendly and knowledgeable! This is my go to place for all my CBD essentials! - 4/17/2023 
Michelle Powers AvatarMichelle Powers
I love this place! The employees are very friendly and knowledgeable! This is my go to for all my CBD essentials! - 4/13/2023 
Onyx L AvatarOnyx L
I’ve been coming here for probably about 8 months now. Due to my schedule it’s usually either Riley or Connor there and they are honestly so helpful. They’re super knowledgeable and never hesitate to give... read more - 3/17/2023 
Christopher long AvatarChristopher long
Great products and very knowledgeable staff, making me feel comfortable with my questions and needs. They made it easy for me to find the products that work best for me. They're passionate about the industry... read more - 3/17/2023 
Chad Warren AvatarChad Warren
I interviewed the owner Joe on my podcast Empathy Jam! It was incredible. He taught my audience so much and a lot of them have been going to his store for healing. I am a... read more - 3/17/2023 
Meredith Farrow AvatarMeredith Farrow
Columbus Botanical Depot is the best spot for CBD and Delta products. They also carry my favorite brand of products which is Clean Remedies. I use their delta 8 tincture and delta 9 chocolate bar... read more - 3/17/2023 
Tami Tippy AvatarTami Tippy
Columbus Botanical Depot is an amazing place to shop! Love the Clean Remedies CBD and Delta products that you carry!! I love that Clean Remedies is USDA certified organic! It’s difficult to find top of... read more - 3/17/2023 
Rob Bramlett AvatarRob Bramlett
The folks at Columbus Botanical Depot are top notch. Joe and Conner are both very knowledgeable and helpful with all this very complicated stuff. Highly recommend. - 3/17/2023 
Kyle McGregor AvatarKyle McGregor
This a great company to purchase CBD items from. They have a wide variety of products. My favorites are the HempLucid products they have. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up! - 3/17/2023 
Shannon Thomas AvatarShannon Thomas
The absolute best CBD STORE EVER! Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly. They know their cannabinoids. I will never go anywhere else! - 3/17/2023 
Bruce Francisco AvatarBruce Francisco
Very nice people and store! They have the D8-HI brand who have great Delta products! - 3/17/2023 
Joe Black AvatarJoe Black
Absolutely awesome place to by your CBD from! Highly recommend!! - 3/17/2023 
Elizabeth Sharma AvatarElizabeth Sharma
All staff have been great, especially Conner. Very knowledgeable. We come frequently to try new products and we are always satisfied. - 2/17/2023 
Nic Taylor AvatarNic Taylor
Better than a dispensary! Had to rethink having my medical marijuana card after visiting this store. The place is full of federally legal cannabis/hemp products! They have SO much variety too, and the associates do... read more - 1/17/2023 
Ahmed Ghany AvatarAhmed Ghany
Owner and coworkers are extremely helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Also very flexible and accommodating in pricing. It’s always a delightful experience when I shop there - 1/17/2023 
michelle brown Avatarmichelle brown
The prices are very reasonable and they offer a large variety of products. Also, friendly and knowledgeable staff. - 1/17/2023 
melissa c Avatarmelissa c
Great selection of products with reasonable prices. Superb customer care! - 1/17/2023 
Nikki Bishop AvatarNikki Bishop
Ellis Valentine AvatarEllis Valentine
Hi guys, I want to give you an update. Momentum 98 referred me to Columbus Botonical Depot. I purchased the Alchemy Naturals Intimacy CBD gummies and was also given a sample of another product. The... read more - 12/17/2022 
Elizabeth White AvatarElizabeth White
I started to go to Columbus Botanical about 9 months ago. I talked to Tyler and he was very helpful. He gave good advice for my autistic son. The cbd gels are working good for... read more - 12/17/2022 
Mike James AvatarMike James
This is the best place in Columbus for all CBD products. These guys have helped me so much and ai never shop anywhere else. Every employee is super knowledgeable and always gets me what I need - 12/17/2022 
Cd cd AvatarCd cd
#1 place in Columbus for all your delta 8/9/10 needs as well as CBD. Definitely come checkout their large selection. The employees are very knowledgeable too. - 12/17/2022 
Brianna Schiavoni AvatarBrianna Schiavoni
Incredibly knowledgable staff with access to high-quality product. A terrific place to consult if interested in plant-based medicine. - 12/17/2022 
Ada Diehl AvatarAda Diehl
The employees were so friendly and helpful! Will definitely be going back! - 12/17/2022 
Karey Connors AvatarKarey Connors
The nicest most knowledgeable people !!! - 12/17/2022 
Celeste Catri AvatarCeleste Catri
Stop searching, you’ve found your answer. Columbus Botanical Depot is the only place to go for CBD. Not only are they providing you with the best possible products, but they’re serving knowledge about the “why”... read more - 11/17/2022 
Tyler Bruner AvatarTyler Bruner
Went in today on our ‘Holi-daze’ and was pleasantly surprised. The associate was super knowledgeable and Cannabis has changed SO much in the last year. I explained how much anxiety I had from full strength... read more - 11/17/2022 
Anna Amato AvatarAnna Amato
Columbus Botanical Depot is wonderful! Joe is very well educated on CBD, CBG, CBN, and is a plethora of knowledge regarding the endocannabinoid system. Since using CBD I have had a decrease in anxiety, better... read more - 11/17/2022 
L J AvatarL J
Great experience and education on the difference between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum and the legalities in Ohio. Very knowledgable on the Endocannabinoid System in the body. I enthusiastically recommend a visit here to learn... read more - 11/17/2022 
Carly McCay AvatarCarly McCay
Columbus Botanical Depot is a one-stop-shop for all of your plant medicine needs (for you and your furry loved ones). They carry a huge array of quality products containing cannabinoids, functional mushrooms, Ayurvedic herbs, and... read more - 11/17/2022 
Britiny Price AvatarBritiny Price
One of my favorite CBD stores in comumbus. The prices are fair, the employees are so nice and knowledgeable. I also love love love that you can order online and get free shipping. I'm not... read more - 11/17/2022 
Violette Billingslea AvatarViolette Billingslea
Always such a great experience! The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about what items will be best suited for your needs. No high pressure sales tactics as well as a nice assortment of testers... read more - 11/17/2022 
Anna Metroff AvatarAnna Metroff
I have been to this shop twice and both experiences have been lovely. All my questions were easily answered with amazing details and everyone was very kind. Their products are also great quality. I would... read more - 11/17/2022 
Matt Hedman AvatarMatt Hedman
Best selection of CBD products in town! Joe and the staff are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any and all questions. They were able to direct me to products that helped reduce inflammation and... read more - 11/17/2022 
Kaelin S AvatarKaelin S
love this place! not only is the staff so knowledgeable in all things at the store but they are so friendly. I went in there a couple days ago and they gave me the best... read more - 11/17/2022 
Ashley Kandel AvatarAshley Kandel
Joe and his staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and the wide variety of products means you will not leave there empty handed. Trust that your ailments will be addressed and you will have a quality resolution. - 11/17/2022 
Allie Kidd AvatarAllie Kidd
I have only been here one time, but it was extremely memorable! The employees are so knowledgable about their products and really care, especially compared to other shops I’ve been to! 10/10 would recommend! - 11/17/2022 
tom daniels Avatartom daniels
Man behind the counter was great and helped guide me through their store. I think his name was Connor. Educated me on what would work best for me. And he was spot on! - 11/17/2022 
Michael Thompson AvatarMichael Thompson
Always very helpful. Takes time to explain wverything and their benefits. All the products that have been recommended have been great. This is my go to spot! - 11/17/2022 
Lindsay Ciulla AvatarLindsay Ciulla
This place has saved my quality of life. Thank you for the amazing service and fantastic products over the years. You make the pain melt away. - 11/17/2022 
Kaelyn Held AvatarKaelyn Held
Absolutely great! Amazing prices on the house bud! Lots of choices, great employees to help you understand the choices! Free samples aswell! - 11/17/2022 
Andrew Brown AvatarAndrew Brown
Love this place!! Anything and everything you may need they have! Good service, they know what they are talking about! Pricing is fair too! - 11/17/2022 
Justin Pope AvatarJustin Pope
Best shop I've been to. Great customer service Everything you may need is here. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. - 11/17/2022 
Brian Bishop AvatarBrian Bishop
Absolutely great customer service! Super knowledgeable and doesn’t force a sale. Highly recommend you stop by. - 11/17/2022 
Lisa Taylor AvatarLisa Taylor
This place is great! All the employees are so knowledgeable- do yourself a favor and stop in here! - 11/17/2022 
Cea Elyse AvatarCea Elyse
Absolutely wonderful customer service. Always fully stocked with what I need. 🙂 - 11/17/2022 
Melanie Matthews AvatarMelanie Matthews
I’ve been referring people here for years! They are great!!!!!! - 11/17/2022 
Anthony Crawford AvatarAnthony Crawford
They have everything and they’re reasonably priced! - 11/17/2022 
Ronnie Varckette AvatarRonnie Varckette
The best staff and consistent quality!! New regular - 11/17/2022 
Justin Washington AvatarJustin Washington
Perfect product knowledge and vast selection! - 11/17/2022 
Joe is awesome and a great help ! - 11/17/2022 
Tricia Ann AvatarTricia Ann
VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE!!! ☆☆☆☆☆ - 11/17/2022 
Andrew Ours AvatarAndrew Ours
My wife loves this place! - 11/17/2022 
Usman Babawo Babawo AvatarUsman Babawo Babawo
Professional and efficient forex broker. I never had any issues with withdrawals as well as services. They are always accommodating and helpful. Great trading signals from them. I am pleased with the overall performance of... read more - 5/12/2022 
Akinyemi R Bosede AvatarAkinyemi R Bosede
Good works deserves good recommendation, I appreciate the effort of Mrs MELISSA CRYPTO for helping me work from home despite being quarantined. Profits been made weekly as she promised, i invested $700 and now making... read more - 1/22/2022 
Gena Moore AvatarGena Moore
They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They have been spot on with all their recommendations for energy and brain fog issues during the day, sleep problems at night, and pain from arthritis. I feel like... read more - 1/03/2022 
Mike Garrison AvatarMike Garrison
I initially went in to purchase a battery, everywhere seemed to be out. I went into the Columbus location and it was very welcoming, almost felt like an artisan pastry shop. I mentioned to the... read more - 11/17/2021 
Anthony Burlingame AvatarAnthony Burlingame
I have been coming to the Columbus store since it opened. I have found real pain relief and overall well being from the Lazarus 50mg gelcaps. The CBD+ body cream and Greenroads joint cream have... read more - 11/17/2021 
Marcey Arter AvatarMarcey Arter
Well what can I say about a business that hires the best people? They have great things to sell, but that doesn’t always translate to a good customer service experience. They are knowledgeable, kind and... read more - 11/17/2021 
Beth Dwyer AvatarBeth Dwyer
Columbus Botanical Depot is my go to for all things CBD. They have such a wide range of products, and super friendly and knowledgeable staff who are super helpful in getting you what you need.... read more - 11/17/2021 
Andrea Smith AvatarAndrea Smith
If you want to learn about CBD, find products best suited to your needs, and take charge of your own health, then visit the Columbus Botanical Depot. The educated and caring staff, the superior customer... read more - 11/17/2021 
likesugarcane Avatarlikesugarcane
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I have had anxiety for a very long time and has been really hesitant about trying cbd because I wasn't sure and then got super overwhelmed when I did try to... read more - 11/17/2021 
The traveler AvatarThe traveler
This store is clean and inviting inside. Products are ordered and neat and the people working there are friendly. The CBD flower sold here is strong. Good smell, smokes kind of harsh but has a... read more - 11/17/2021 
Brandon Fannin AvatarBrandon Fannin
I’ve come here several times over the last few years, at first to learn about CBD and get recommendations on how to try it. And later to try new things. The staff at Columbus Botanical... read more - 11/17/2021 
J AvatarJ
Love love love this place! I have visited both this and their newer Cincinnati store and I am more than impressed. Shopping for CBD at smoke shops can be dangerous and grocery stores don’t have... read more - 11/17/2021 
Kathy AvatarKathy
We love this little shop! We started out a long time ago getting all our CBD needs here and haven’t found anyplace we like as well. Even though we haven’t really looked anywhere else! Very... read more - 11/17/2021 
Sandee Ray AvatarSandee Ray
The Depot is the BEST and only place to buy CBD products. They carry top of the line products at a competitive price. The staff is wonderful from their upbeat attitudes to their knowledge and... read more - 11/17/2021 
Phillip Clapham AvatarPhillip Clapham
Love this little shop. Their prices aren't the absolute best around town but I still tend to come here for my D8 carts for several reasons. The store is cleaner and the employees nicer to... read more - 11/17/2021 
Jeff Trickett AvatarJeff Trickett
Absolutely top notch people, and an amazing depth of information that goes well beyond what most have been exposed to. If you are interested in learning about CBD, and especially if you want the highest... read more - 11/17/2021 
Dave Melaragno AvatarDave Melaragno
The Columbus location is conveniently located near OSU campus, Arlington, Clintonville and Grandview. The best selection of CBD products with a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I’ve tried a couple of other competitors but I... read more - 11/17/2021 
Drakon Lily AvatarDrakon Lily
The building is extremely well set up. Even with COVID, there aren't huge waits. Ordering ahead allows me to just pop in and pick up. The staff are kind and knowledgeable. Parking can be a... read more - 11/17/2021 
Kristin & Dakota Bever AvatarKristin & Dakota Bever
My husband and I came in yesterday evening. This place is great. The woman who helped us was very knowledgeable about what we came in looking for. I love what I purchased fot myself and... read more - 11/17/2021 
Sakia Mitchell AvatarSakia Mitchell
I was looking for bubblegum CBD and I happen to found this location. People in the store was very nice and helpful with the questions I had since I am new to this. When time... read more - 11/17/2021 
Susan Ross AvatarSusan Ross
I have purchased in the store and online. The staff at the store are always helpful and knowledgeable about the products. Online orders come quick and always have free shipping. Great coupons are offered online... read more - 11/17/2021 
Angie Kocher AvatarAngie Kocher
I have shopped at the Columbus store for a couple years now, they are always helpful and knowledgeable about their products. The products are very good quality. Highly recommend CBD for a number of things.... read more - 11/17/2021 
Ali Millner AvatarAli Millner
Myself and my family have shopped here since they opened a few years ago! The employees are very knoweldgable and the products have helped with a laundry list of symptoms. Always recommend this location! - 11/17/2021 
Matt wilhelm AvatarMatt wilhelm
Great store. Huge selection of products and a very knowledgeable staff. You want to know how CBD can help you spend 20 minutes with The staff at the Depot. Low pressure and highly educated!! - 11/17/2021 
Kate West AvatarKate West
Very helpful and informative staff! A sincerely positive experience provided by a company determined to carry the safest, healthiest and highest quality CBD products on the market - 11/17/2021 
Kendra Matheney AvatarKendra Matheney
These guys are great- they spent so much time explaining things to me. They helped me find some great CBD products and I have been back several times with the same great service. - 11/17/2021 
Hope Lohmueller AvatarHope Lohmueller
The employees have always been very welcoming and informative on all of their different products, including those for pets! They will happily answer any questions you have. - 11/17/2021 
Terri Sanders AvatarTerri Sanders
I have purchased products online and in-store. Super easy ordering online and very fast delivery...never dissapointed!! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff also. - 11/17/2021 
Connor Ward AvatarConnor Ward
This is my go-to shop for CBD and Delta 8. Joe has incredible knowledge about the benefits of each product and I always get great customer service. - 11/17/2021 
Leslie Leahr AvatarLeslie Leahr
The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The customer service is excellent, I would highly recommend to anyone interested in CBD solutions! - 11/17/2021 
Kristen Njihia AvatarKristen Njihia
Staff is very knowledgeable about their products and answered all my questions. Prices are reasonable and a large variety of products. - 11/17/2021 
Alan M AvatarAlan M
Have made multiple purchases from here and will continue to do so. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for all you do. - 11/17/2021 
Dana Mays AvatarDana Mays
They are very knowledgeable on fhe products they carry. I have been pleased with everything I have left with over the last 2 years! - 11/17/2021 
Adam Gorman AvatarAdam Gorman
Great place good prices and they know everything you ask and the girl that works there is super cute just saying chek them out - 11/17/2021 
Judy Smalley AvatarJudy Smalley
Very informative workers! The lady has a lot of knowledge and very sweet. I will definitely go back here again for my cdb oil - 11/17/2021 
Sommer Clapham AvatarSommer Clapham
The best CBD and hemp source in the city. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they are my go to store now. - 11/17/2021 
Dillion Moore AvatarDillion Moore
It's actually my favorite place to go. Good people good product. I can't go in there and just buy one thing. - 11/17/2021 
Carol Bradley AvatarCarol Bradley
They are very knowledgeable and helpful. Products are mailed and arrive quickly. - 11/17/2021 
Britni Saladin AvatarBritni Saladin
Welcoming environment, staff is helpful and knowledgeable! - 11/17/2021 
Nick Castorano AvatarNick Castorano
Best cbd store ever these guys know everything about it! - 11/17/2021 
Bruce Hartman AvatarBruce Hartman
Outstanding product, fast service, delivery - 11/17/2021 
Jeff Abney AvatarJeff Abney
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. - 11/17/2021 
Napoleon Township AvatarNapoleon Township
Had an excellent experience with them - 11/17/2021 
Ava Martz AvatarAva Martz
Very helpful and friendly staff! - 11/17/2021 
atif bangash Avataratif bangash
Loved the first experience. - 11/17/2021 
Kiara Karissa AvatarKiara Karissa
So friendly and helpful ! - 11/17/2021 
Seth Jones AvatarSeth Jones
Very very helpful. - 11/17/2021 
Pairadice Charm AvatarPairadice Charm
I solely buy my CBD products from Columbus Botanical Depot for three years now which has saved my life and my family. Being a chronic pain sufferer for 11 years with very little relief I... read more - 11/17/2020 
Google User AvatarGoogle User
First visit proved why this store has such an excellent reputation that's growing like a weed (pun intended). But in all seriousness, whether you're a CBD-curious newbie or a seasoned CBD champ, this store is... read more - 11/17/2020 
Jillian Davis AvatarJillian Davis
Recommended to me by a friend when I was looking to try CBD products for my anxiety. I’ve been using the Lazarus naturals high potency CBD tincture for a boost at bad anxiety/depression days and... read more - 11/17/2020 
Crystal Hook AvatarCrystal Hook
The staff is so helpful and amazing, they really know the products and what's the best for each person. My husband was having serious back problems and the pain meds where not helping, we visited... read more - 11/17/2020 
Kai Breeden AvatarKai Breeden
This store is a fantastic resource for CBD users. They have all sorts of high-quality products, from drinks and edibles to topicals and vape pens. Their customer service is great, they’re always ready to help... read more - 11/17/2020 
BillyBiggs614 AvatarBillyBiggs614
This place is absolutely the best in the city hands down! The GM Ty is so very helpful and very knowledgeable on everything in the store! Very honest and helped me pick what works for... read more - 11/17/2020 
Bre Rhodes AvatarBre Rhodes
I stopped in today to find a new product to help with my anxiety. I’ve visited this store several times before and I can’t say enough great things. The product selection is outstanding. Noah, thank... read more - 11/17/2020 
Fishin’ with Keith outdoors. AvatarFishin’ with Keith outdoors.
I became a client after brain surgery. They took the time to help me, not just sell products. I can’t describe how good it feels to have people explain how products work and show compassion... read more - 11/17/2020 
Brandi Herbert AvatarBrandi Herbert
I went to this location about a year ago looking for help controlling my anxiety. Very helpful and knowledgeable. I take cbd tincture every single day and it controls my anxiety and helps me focus.... read more - 11/17/2020 
Juanita Knight AvatarJuanita Knight
I was having issues with stress and seizures. I visited this shop with no knowledge of CBD or cbd products. The staff member who helped me was very knowledgeable and helped me pick the best... read more - 11/17/2020 
Jason Cross AvatarJason Cross
Drove over from Hilliard, absolutely worth the dive! The staff explained their large selection of CBD products. Extremely knowledgeable! I wanted something for pain/anxiety. I walked with away high quality products you can trust (hey... read more - 11/17/2020 
Stephanie Snyder AvatarStephanie Snyder
Decided to start my dog and I on CBD Oil to help with our pains and anxiety. We received our order very quickly and have both been enjoying the benefits we feel from our cbd.... read more - 11/17/2020 
Brenda Yencer AvatarBrenda Yencer
Very knowledgeable staff! The best products, without all the additives! I am finally becoming a well balanced individual emotionally and physically! Greatful for this new knowledge! - 11/17/2020 
victoria Ferguson Avatarvictoria Ferguson
This place is amazing , each person I have spoke to that works there is very knowledgeable. Always has everything I need in stock. Products are top notch. This has change my life - 11/17/2020 
Tori Morton AvatarTori Morton
I came in with my sister earlier today and the manager Ty was super friendly, knowledgeable and understanding. Tons of great products there, probably something for everybody! - 11/17/2020 
AmariYah Israel AvatarAmariYah Israel
The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Since the pandemic started, I've been ordering online. Shipping has been very quick. I'm always satisfied with the products! - 11/17/2020 
Christine Quinn AvatarChristine Quinn
Friendly and knowledgeable service! I always purchase their recommendations and never regret it. I get treats for my hound and a tincture for me, we both thank you 😄 - 11/17/2020 
Sufijan Peter Cunningham AvatarSufijan Peter Cunningham
This is a great place! The most knowledgeable staff of any store I have ever been to. They even have some samples for you to try so you know you like the taste! - 11/17/2020 
Linda Bevan AvatarLinda Bevan
Love this place! Been shopping here since they first opened. They’re super helpful and they make the overwhelming amount of CBD info much easier to understand - 11/17/2020 
Mandy Russell AvatarMandy Russell
Been going to CBD for 3 years, love the knowledgeable friendly staff & CBD Gold has helped with my back pain when nothing else would! - 11/17/2020 
Charlotte Law AvatarCharlotte Law
Great place if you’re needing CBD ! Staff is knowledgeable and so helpful with product info! Don’t get my CBD anywhere else! - 11/17/2020 
Lainey Foster AvatarLainey Foster
Very knowledgeable and helpful staff member assisted me today. They have a very large selection of products! - 11/17/2020 
Ronda Reece AvatarRonda Reece
Always helpful and informative, quality products, pet friendly! What more can you ask for?? - 11/17/2020 
jason Avatarjason
Great customer service, plethora of product and knowledge, thank you Ty for all your help - 11/17/2020 
Arnele Legend AvatarArnele Legend
Best place to get the best quality. Great customer service and knowledgeable. - 11/17/2020 
Tammy Miller AvatarTammy Miller
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! Highly recommend for any CBD products. - 11/17/2020 
Ricky Bobby Racing AvatarRicky Bobby Racing
Has all the wisdom to help you buy the right product for your needs. - 11/17/2020 
Uriel Grimaldo AvatarUriel Grimaldo
Great CBD products! Recommended by a friend, so glad they did. - 11/17/2020 
Chloe Rose AvatarChloe Rose
Super nice and knowledgeable very fair prices for the quality. - 11/17/2020 
Andreas Waters AvatarAndreas Waters
Great knowledge and selection of 3rd part tested products - 11/17/2020 
Jude Hogan AvatarJude Hogan
Very helpful, love all the products I’ve purchased . - 11/17/2020 
Dj Quietstorm- The Class Reunion Show! AvatarDj Quietstorm- The Class Reunion Show!
Friendly , helpful and full of information A+++ - 11/17/2020 
Darlene Lewis AvatarDarlene Lewis
Young man was very helpful and knowledgeable! - 11/17/2020 
Nader Shihada AvatarNader Shihada
Friendly and well informed staff - 11/17/2020 
Joseph Ernst AvatarJoseph Ernst
They rock so much - 11/17/2020 
Shawnda Lucas AvatarShawnda Lucas
best place to go for natural options... very friendly.. - 10/11/2020 
Christine Quinn AvatarChristine Quinn
Always friendly and knowledgeable about different product lines. I get CBD for myself and treats for my hound, thank you for all the great advice! - 10/10/2020 
Breyen Rhodes AvatarBreyen Rhodes
I stopped in today to find a new product to help with my anxiety and I was greeted by Noah. Noah, thank you so much for your help today! You were so kind, knowledgeable, and... read more - 9/09/2020 
Becci Thacker AvatarBecci Thacker
Knowledgeable about pet CBD and very helpful! Friendly, too! We’ll be back 😉 - 6/20/2020 
Greg Quinn AvatarGreg Quinn
I ordered online, then received an email that my product shipped just hours later. It was in my mailbox the next day! Really cool that they waived the delivery fee during the Quarantine...They were really... read more - 4/29/2020 
Nancy Coe AvatarNancy Coe
I’m posting again because of my wonderful experience with Bluebird Signature full spectrum. Last May, 2019 I had a very invasive hernia mesh surgery removal and not a single pain! Not even Tylenol. I had... read more - 4/21/2020 
Paige Jennings AvatarPaige Jennings
I highly recommend Columbus Botanical Depot . The staff is very knowledgeable & helpful . The products are of good quality & standards . Columbus Botanical Depot is my trusted source for anything CBD . - 1/21/2020 
Jami AvatarJami
I have 3 herniated discs, 1 with a tear, another bulging, plus many other issues in my thoracic spine from a car accident 4 1/2 years ago. The sample I was given almost instantly took... read more - 11/17/2019 
Mrsq 89 AvatarMrsq 89
Me and my husband love this place especially my husband but I love it too because they have more than just one thing that you can choose from between massage oils and vaping and dabbing... read more - 11/17/2019 
K_R_A_N_G_ AvatarK_R_A_N_G_
I would give them more than 5 stars if I could!! Today was my first time trying CBD oil, and I’m truly blown away with how well it works. The intense anxiety that I had... read more - 11/17/2019 
T C AvatarT C
The CBD educators were extremely helpful, hooking me up with the best products that work for me! Repeat customer and will continue to be. The benefits of CBD are undeniable. As it becomes more acceptable... read more - 11/17/2019 
Colleen Gillespie AvatarColleen Gillespie
Have gotten alot of relief from the suggested products. I had surgery on my thumb And one of the ladies suggested something for healing instead of using what the Dr. Suggested. It worked alot better.... read more - 11/17/2019 
andro shi Avatarandro shi
this place is exactly what a professional cbd store Should feel like. have met & talked to the owner many times also, feels like you truly get the best customer appreciation here. all the employees... read more - 11/17/2019 
nancy coe Avatarnancy coe
Excellent customer service. People are very knowledgeable and do not try to “push” the sales on you like so many employees in retail does. Suffered extreme back pain for years. Now it’s gone as long... read more - 11/17/2019 
Cynthia Starkey AvatarCynthia Starkey
Absolutely love this place! Everyone is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and willing to assist. These guys really know their stuff and I highly recommend checking them out. - 11/17/2019 
Bryan Cooke AvatarBryan Cooke
They have such an amazing selection of products. If you are looking for it, chances are they have it. The staff is also very friendly and super knowledgeable! - 11/17/2019 
Michelle Edmiston AvatarMichelle Edmiston
Each time I’ve stopped in here their employees are super helpful, knowledgeable, and nice! This is my go to local shop- highly recommend them. - 11/17/2019 
Perrace Jackson AvatarPerrace Jackson
The owner Joe is very cordial and knowledgable. He and staff are very welcoming and allow you to try some of the edibles available. - 11/17/2019 
David Hanners AvatarDavid Hanners
This place is great very knowledgeable ppl and very helpful and great products highly recommend this place to anyone - 11/17/2019 
BJ U AvatarBJ U
Staff very helpful. Great products and support to ensure you are taking the correct items to obtain your goal. - 11/17/2019 
Zak Edwards AvatarZak Edwards
A+ , top notch, just all-around great staff, products, and store. Extremely knowledgeable - 11/17/2019 
poop mcgee Avatarpoop mcgee
Staff was very polite and helpful thanks . Will be going back again - 11/17/2019 
Tod Bowen AvatarTod Bowen
They are very friendly, helpful and glad to answer questions. - 11/17/2019 
Great place first time cbd user works amazing. Great staff. - 11/17/2019 
Darlene Lewis AvatarDarlene Lewis
This is a fantastic place! Everyone is very helpful. - 11/17/2019 
E J AvatarE J
Love it here, staff is amazing! ♡ - 11/17/2019 
Kaylee Romine AvatarKaylee Romine
very knowledgeable! - 11/17/2019 
Keith Klier AvatarKeith Klier
It really works - 11/17/2019 
Tim Johnson AvatarTim Johnson
Simply the best in CBD products..👏👏 - 10/31/2019 
Felix Felicis AvatarFelix Felicis
very knowledgeable and all top shelf cbds. the vetting process just to get products on the shelf shows that theses people really care. - 10/07/2019 
David Hanners AvatarDavid Hanners
The guys in here are extremely helpful and have quality products me and my wife first time here and will def be regulars now - 10/01/2019 
Jack Lee-Harris AvatarJack Lee-Harris
Great assistance! Thank you! - 7/06/2019 
Kyra Payne AvatarKyra Payne
it's an amazing place with great ambiance and even greater product ☺️ - 6/26/2019 
Dawn Thompson AvatarDawn Thompson
Wonderful staff and selection - 6/17/2019 
David Oren Marks AvatarDavid Oren Marks
Joe is very knowledgeable, and CBD has helped me with my back pain from a car accident. I recommend it to anyone. - 5/30/2019 
Roy Batty AvatarRoy Batty
Well-versed staff on all things CBD! - 5/25/2019 
Tracie Eden Lucas AvatarTracie Eden Lucas
I received 10% off today using this selfie of their new sign!! It helped so much! Thank you for saving lives! - 4/20/2019 
Vicki Ann Perkins AvatarVicki Ann Perkins
This was my first purchase of this type of product....GREAT EXPERIENCE....Joe, the owner helped me....he was so smart and knowledgeable about all products and how each one interacts in a person’s body.....he was amazing in... read more - 4/07/2019 
Tammy Porter Williams AvatarTammy Porter Williams
Friendly, extremely knowledgeable staff. Great selection of all products! - 3/11/2019 
Andrea Iacovetta AvatarAndrea Iacovetta
Loved the presentation at the Wellness Wednesday this evening. Allie & Max did a great job. 👍Thanks for all your help with my purchases Joe! See you all again I’m sure. 🙂 - 3/07/2019 
Joshua Severe AvatarJoshua Severe
Thank you so much for the guidance last night. The product you suggested has already provided with more relief than I could have imagined. - 2/02/2019 
Jennifer Hively AvatarJennifer Hively
The BEST shopping experience ever! The staff was SO knowledgeable & kind & LISTENED! I honestly cannot give the business enough praise. So thankful I ended up here, there is no doubt I will be... read more - 1/25/2019 
Ashley Crabtree AvatarAshley Crabtree
Veteran owned. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great selection of hemp based products. - 12/21/2018 
Melissa Merse AvatarMelissa Merse
Awesome and educated staff! Very kind, helpful and understanding to every guest. - 12/15/2018 
Joshua Beltran AvatarJoshua Beltran
I just moved from California to Ohio and I needed something to ease my anxiety. I started by looking into medical marijuana in Ohio because I suffer from ptsd but there are only 2 physicians... read more - 11/17/2018 
Amber Wright AvatarAmber Wright
I can see why this place has such high reviews. I went today after my doc suggested cbd for my panic attacks. I had done the research and knew vaping would be my best bet.... read more - 11/17/2018 
Lisa B AvatarLisa B
I will update my review after i give this product a try. I purchased the CBD cream 150 MG. As I suffer from chronic pain, due to scoliosis in my neck. Degenerative disc disease, Osteoarthritis,... read more - 11/17/2018 
Julie Anderson AvatarJulie Anderson
Wow! Is all I can say! Can’t wait to use Theramu Pro for my Fibromyalgia! Well, it’s been several months since I posted this initial review and I have to say that the Theramu Pro... read more - 11/17/2018 
Dave Weissman AvatarDave Weissman
Quite the premier local resource for all things CBD related. There is everything to gain by visiting this store, absorbing the input and recommendations of the associates, and benefiting from the natural wonder of this... read more - 11/17/2018 
Ryan Yohe AvatarRyan Yohe
I'm enjoying coming to this CBD store more and more with each visit. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff that help me find the products (tincture/oil, gummies, etc) that fit my needs. When in doubt, ask... read more - 11/17/2018 
Dawn Martin AvatarDawn Martin
I was very impressed! Staff very knowledgeable, kind, listened, explained, and went in great effort to understand my concerns and went into great detail about the products in the store to help me find the... read more - 11/17/2018 
Rikki Gore AvatarRikki Gore
Thank you for my first pain free day in 3 years!!! Great service, good energy, positive and compassionate atmosphere! All of my questions were answered very completely and was even able to sample a few... read more - 11/17/2018 
Forrest Johnson AvatarForrest Johnson
Joseph talked with me for about an hour explaining the products as well as pros/cons of them. He really made sure that I got a product that met my needs. I left feeling informed and... read more - 11/17/2018 
Heather Easley AvatarHeather Easley
Products changed our lives for the better and the staff has always been friendly and helpful. I had really bad anxiety and couldn't communicate with people very well and this helped me tremendously. - 11/17/2018 
Tyson DeFrance AvatarTyson DeFrance
Love these guys! They do a great job keeping quality CbD in stock- always willing to help. If you’ve never been. Check this place out. Keep it up!!! - 11/17/2018 
Paula Price AvatarPaula Price
Associates were very knowledgeable and patient with us as we explored and learned of the many options. Great store and atmosphere. 👌👍👍 - 11/17/2018 
Brett Porter AvatarBrett Porter
Awesome shop! That can supply all your CBD needs. Wondfull knowledgeable staff as well and you pretty much can't umm beat it! - 11/17/2018 
Lawrence Pugliese AvatarLawrence Pugliese
Very helpful and informative staff. Lots of varieties of products to choose from. Would recommend to others and will return - 11/17/2018 
Mad Yoeman AvatarMad Yoeman
Very helpful, patient with questions and knowledgeable with the product. Will definitely return for more products. - 11/17/2018 
RB AvatarRB
The only place I will shop. Very knowledgeable/ friendly staff! And I ask a million questions! Highly recommend. - 11/17/2018 
Mark Smith AvatarMark Smith
This is an amazing store to find the best CBD products out there. Great selection and helpful staff. - 11/17/2018 
James Hammond AvatarJames Hammond
Really great and knowledgeable staff, found some new products that really helped my GI issues. A+ - 11/17/2018 
Stefan Doke AvatarStefan Doke
This place is seriously awesome, they have any cbd product you could want. Check it out. - 11/17/2018 
Seth Gowin AvatarSeth Gowin
This store is awesome, Teresa was very knowledgeable. Try the theramu for the pain - 11/17/2018 
Rachel Brown AvatarRachel Brown
The guy behind the counter was super nice and knowledgeable about the products! - 11/17/2018 
I am R.S.D.S. suffering person. The products of CBD help spot on. - 11/17/2018 
Henry S AvatarHenry S
Friendly staff and great products! Can’t wait to go back! - 11/17/2018 
Don Gelhot Jr AvatarDon Gelhot Jr
Knowledgable staff. Relaxed atmosphere. - 11/17/2018 
Kathy Beedy AvatarKathy Beedy
John was very helpful. - 11/17/2018 
Ray Berry AvatarRay Berry
CBD. - 11/17/2018 
Lindsay Seaber AvatarLindsay Seaber
Thank you so much for your amazing CBD products. My little sister has Tourettes Syndrome and it has helped her to the point it's been life changing. Joseph brennan is very knowledgeable of his products... read more - 11/17/2017 
Jenafer Martin AvatarJenafer Martin
Walked into a store of helpful knowledge! We came in not knowing the difference of thc and cbd and they helped us understand what it dies and how good cbd is for us! I’m all... read more - 11/17/2017 
Jon Biddle AvatarJon Biddle
Columbus Bontanical Depot is ran by a very knowledgeable staff, Joe is the real deal when it comes to cbd knowledge. Prices are half of what I've seen elsewhere, friendly staff, and a nice atmosphere.... read more - 11/17/2017 
Jared Levine AvatarJared Levine
I have been on many psychiatric medications for anxiety, and columbus Botanical Depot’s CBD has been the most help by far and a blessing. I feel like I can go about my day without the... read more - 11/17/2017 
Christy Fulton AvatarChristy Fulton
What an amazing shop! The owner is so knowledgeable and caring about the products he sells and that his customers are happy with their purchases. Wonderful lines of CBD products in a lovely, light-filled store.... read more - 11/17/2017 
Amanda Shafer AvatarAmanda Shafer
This place is amazing! The owner Joe is such a great guy, super personable and also very knowledgeable. I have had several forms of chronic pains for years and thanks to Joe for the first... read more - 11/17/2017 
Shelby Gonterman AvatarShelby Gonterman
Great spot for CBD products! Very informative and has some of the best CBD products on the market. I have anxiety, and it’s been a life saver since stopping pharmaceutical medicine. If anyone is wanting... read more - 11/17/2017 
Linda Homann AvatarLinda Homann
This store has everything CBD. The owner, Joe, makes you feel very welcome and has the answers to all of your questions. Not only will you find what you need, you will be assured of... read more - 11/17/2017 
Casie Cheesebrew AvatarCasie Cheesebrew
Great first time experience! Ruben was a tremendous help answering all of our questions and guiding us in the right direction for what my husband and I were looking for. You won't be disappointed with... read more - 11/17/2017 
Jeffrey Kohler AvatarJeffrey Kohler
I come to the shop when I am out of CBD meds, usually am hurting but when I leave, I leave here happy. Clean shop, knowledgeable person, great selection. Come here instead of the pharmacy!... read more - 11/17/2017 
Kristian AvatarKristian
This is the best place in town to get all your CBD needs. They carry a wide selection of CBD products and the owner Joe is very knowledgeable about CBD and all the products he... read more - 11/17/2017 
Bailey Smithhisler AvatarBailey Smithhisler
Awesome place and awesome people! CBD has helped me so much with my chronic back pain and migraines. The people there are very informative and helpful. Can't wait to go back to replenish my stock:) - 11/17/2017 
Everyday Victoria AvatarEveryday Victoria
Awesome place with a huge selection. Very happy Columbus is moving forward with this medicine! I'm coming back for Christmas presents for my family. They have relaxing CBD oil, vape pens! - 11/17/2017 
Brian Biddle AvatarBrian Biddle
Joseph is very knowledgeable about everything that has to do with CBD and other things .very friendly and cool to talk to. if you haven't checked this place out you have to it's awesome - 11/17/2017 
Michael Blanton AvatarMichael Blanton
Absolutely outstanding. Spoke with Max who was extremely knowledgeable. I'm a permanent customer now. These folks are specialists in this subject and passionate about customer service - 11/17/2017 
Cole McWherter AvatarCole McWherter
Super knowledgeable and kind. Great selection, tidy store and well organized. The gentleman working there was genuine and cared about my health. Definitely the place to go. - 11/17/2017 
Katie McCann AvatarKatie McCann
Convenient location, and the guys who run the shop are have a wealth of knowledge about the benefits of CBD oil. They carry Charlottes Web CBD oils, a quality product! - 11/17/2017 
michelle nicol Avatarmichelle nicol
They are so helpful and knowledgeable. You are allowed to sample things before purchasing. Second time here and will definitely be back!! Best CBD store ever!! - 11/17/2017 
tracie lucas Avatartracie lucas
CBD saved me from getting a hysterectomy and it the only pain management I use for me and my family. I give it to my right year old son for focus and mood. - 11/17/2017 
jb hill Avatarjb hill
Very nice place. Great service and lots of info for people who are new to CBD. Tinctures and gummies are just a few of the many items they carry. - 11/17/2017 
Chelsea Moore AvatarChelsea Moore
Owner is truly caring and so knowledgeable on all the products he has. Worth the drive from Dayton! And will be ordering from him in Tennessee. 😃 - 11/17/2017 
Amanda Moriarty AvatarAmanda Moriarty
This place is great! The owner/staff is really informed about what they are selling and down to earth to talk to! This is my one stop shop😊 - 11/17/2017 
Corey Dotson AvatarCorey Dotson
Met the owner at pride this year, I have tried a number of products and have enjoyed them all. Especially the chocolate. - 11/17/2017 
Matt Slater AvatarMatt Slater
The employees here are very educated and the selection is wonderful. Definitely my place to go for CBD. - 11/17/2017 
Lawrence Turner AvatarLawrence Turner
Fast and extremely helpful service, workers have a lot of experience in what they are working with - 11/17/2017 
Gilbert gallardo AvatarGilbert gallardo
Very knowledgeable and answered all of my Fiancé and I questions will definitely be back thank you - 11/17/2017 
Adam Williamson AvatarAdam Williamson
Diverse offerings, friendly/knowledgeable staff. Central Ohio needed a place like this. - 11/17/2017 
roseconelley Avatarroseconelley
Knowledgeable staff and excellent products, my anxiety has been relieved tremendously! - 11/17/2017 
Kate Lonsinger AvatarKate Lonsinger
Joe is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He has a true passion for what he does - 11/17/2017 
Jarred Robison AvatarJarred Robison
Great staff. Very knowledgeable. Friendly and polite. Great environment. - 11/17/2017 
Rick Markoski AvatarRick Markoski
The CBD helps my back pain a whole lot. Great store and nice people. - 11/17/2017 
Jared Craft AvatarJared Craft
Super friendly and informative. Looking forward to feeling better. - 11/17/2017 
Jody Daulton AvatarJody Daulton
Excellent help. Answers all questions. Free samples are great! - 11/17/2017 
joshua kulp Avatarjoshua kulp
This stuff saves lives and you can get any way you want. - 11/17/2017 
Tnrheim Heim AvatarTnrheim Heim
Excellent information and knowledge of the products. - 11/17/2017 
Shannon Barnette AvatarShannon Barnette
Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. - 11/17/2017 
Andrea Hord AvatarAndrea Hord
Dog treats for anxious doggos? Heck yeah! - 11/17/2017 
Austin Caskey AvatarAustin Caskey
Awesome for first timers, very helpful.. - 11/17/2017 
Charlene Cade AvatarCharlene Cade
Great place. Well worth the drive. - 11/17/2017 
Broderick Randle AvatarBroderick Randle
Very informative and helpful!! - 11/17/2017 
Centi- tab AvatarCenti- tab
In love with this place 😍 - 11/17/2017 
Ruben Ortega AvatarRuben Ortega
Great Place! - 11/17/2017