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Alchemy Naturals 50mg CBD Gummies

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Lunchbox Alchemy is now Alchemy Naturals! These newly reformulated vegan gummy are infused with Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract derived from Oregon-grown hemp, and crafted with organic and all-natural ingredients. Available in a convenient 30-pack.

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • 50mg of CBD per Gummy
  • Daily, Sleep, Relief, Stress and Broad Spectrum Blend
  • 30 Gummies per container
  • Vegan
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Alchemy Naturals 50mg CBD Gummies

Alchemy Naturals 50mg CBD Gummies are a great tasting as well as high-quality. We infuse these delectable vegan gummies with Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract derived from Oregon-grown hemp, and crafted with organic and all-natural ingredients. Available in 30-packs or 2-packs.


Infused with 50mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. We formulate Lunchbox Alchemy’s Daily Gummies with organic and all-natural ingredients to help you with everyday life.


Infused with 50mg Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. Lunchbox Alchemy’s THC Free Gummies are designed for people who want the benefits of CBD without any trace of THC.

De-Stress Gummies:

Our CBD gummies for stress and anxiety allow you to find Zen in this cannabis-meets-mushroom product. We decided to pair full-spectrum CBD and reishi mushroom. This is because of the scientific research being done on how these mushrooms help offer relief and release.

Relief Gummies:

Pain, meet your match! These CBD gummies for relief, with CBG, formulated with a spicy combination of cannabinoids and adaptogens. This formulation is a combination of full-spectrum CBD, CBG, and Ginger. The perfect gummy to help you give pain the kick in the butt it needs.

Sleep Gummies:

CBD Gummies for Sleep with CBN are a blissful blend of plants and cannabinoids to help you fall asleep and stay asleep with ease. A soothing blend of full-spectrum CBD, CBN and Passionflower, used for relaxation, will help you naturally get the sleep you’ve been looking for.

Intimacy Gummies:

Full Spectrum CBD gummies for sex are a plant-based love potion that helps you get down with your bad self. Our Intimacy CBD gummies for sex are a loving formulation of full-spectrum CBD and Maca Root designed to help foster heightened sensation and increased libido function.

Lab Tests/COAs

*These products are not intended to cure or diagnose any medical issues. The FDA does not back any reported health claims or benefits. This is a federally legal hemp based product containing less than 0.3% THC by weight per the 2018 Farm Bill.*

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Daily, Sleep, Relief, THC-Free, De-Stress, Intimacy



3 reviews for Alchemy Naturals 50mg CBD Gummies

  1. Brian L

    50 milligram gummies! I’ve been searching for a stronger dose with no luck until now. They taste amazing and work great 👍

  2. Marcus A

    AND THE PRICE 1500MG FOR 55$!
    Finally a gummy that works for me

  3. Jasmine

    50mg full spec gummies. And yes they taste like delicious hemp. This brand was on Netflix the employee said. I’ll check that out tonight after my night dose😊

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