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Wild Orchard THCa Diamond 1.5G Cart Live Resin


Wild Orchard THCA Diamonds Live Resin Disposable | 2g

  • 2-Grams Per Disposable
  • Use Micro USB to Recharge Device
  • Contains a blend of THCa Liquid Diamond Live Resin and Natural Terpenes
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Watermelon Splash: Try the taste of fresh, sweet watermelon is enchanting, while it delivers a solid mood boost that’s euphoric yet deeply calm. As you enter a tranquil space, all your negativity will wash away, and you’ll enjoy a body high that makes you feel nice and relaxed.

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Tigers Blood: Tiger Blood is an intensely relaxing journey that begins with a euphoric haze, leading to a delightful, stoned sensation, possibly lulling you to sleep.

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Peaches and Cream: Imagine the taste of ripe peaches with creamy undertones and a sweet, candy-like finish. This popular 1.5G THCa Cart Sativa strain is famous for inducing laughter, boosting awareness, and unleashing waves of euphoric energy, making you feel more sociable. It’s not sedating at all—perfect for a good time with friends.

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Cantaloupe Crush: Cantaloupe Crush, a sativa-dominant hybrid, delights with its sweet melon notes. Its high is a burst of creativity and euphoria, leaving you both relaxed and inspired. It’s the perfect hybrid for any time of day, offering a cerebral, energizing experience. Our 1.5G THCa Carts are made with fresh frozen potent live resin.

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Fruit Punch: Fruit Punch is a delightful sweet and tangy sativa strain. The high is euphoric and heady, with a touch of drowsiness that makes it perfect for kicking back and enjoying some leisurely activities while your mind soars. Our potent 1.5G THCa Carts are always 3rd party tested.

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