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Simple Leaf CBD Capsule Focus + Energy 1200mg


Unlock your potential with Simple Leaf’s CBD Nootropic supplement. This formula features synergistic ingredients that promote calm energy, mental acuity, and concentration to help you power through your day. Great with your morning coffee, or after lunch for a mid-day pick me up.



CBD Focus Pills

Simple Leaf’s Focus + Energy CBD capsules are an innovative nootropic brain-boosting supplement that provides a clean and clear focus unlike anything else on the market.

First… each serving includes 20mg of lab-tested organic CBD.  And while these CBD focus pills are powerful on their own… It’s the complementary ingredients that make this formula one of a kind.

Focus + Energy CBD by Simple Leaf helps you think fast and stay on task. The formula features Artichoke Extract plus five key ingredients to help boost your focus and your brain.

Energy and Focus Pills

Bring on the mental energy and focus with this powerful CBD and nootropic formulation that’s jitter and THC-free. The CBD in our Focus + Energy capsules helps calibrate the effects of the other ingredients, so you can keep up without ever feeling out of whack.

Simple Leaf CBD

Our Focus + Energy CBD Capsules contain ingredients that enhance the effects of the CBD to help with focus, mental energy, and wellness.

Artichoke Extract helps lower cholesterol and protects the liver. Forskolin is derived from the root of a plant in the mint family and is known to help with high blood pressure and respiratory issues. Another awesome ingredient in this blend is 5-HTP, which is known to assist with the production of serotonin.*

Focus Energy Supplement

Simple Leaf’s Focus + Energy is a top focus energy supplement that is designed to heighten mental activity and optimize brain function and health. All of Simple Leaf’s CBD Capsules are packed with organic CBD extracted from premium hemp plants that are grown in the USA. Our hemp products are lab tested multiple times during production to ensure a pure, consistent, and contaminate-free product.

With Simple Leaf products, you can be confident about what you are putting in your body.

CBD for focus & productivity.

Our natural Focus + Energy CBD capsules are perfect for taking anywhere. They do not contain illegal THC levels and look just like any other multivitamins or food supplements. Furthermore, they are super discreet. With Focus + Energy CBD capsules, you can get your CBD and a mental boost wherever and whenever you need.

CBD + Nootropics

By balancing seven powerful nootropics in one capsule, Simple Leaf’s Focus + Energy CBD capsules helps to keep you on task, promote mental clarity, and stay energized all day long.—

Eliminating the guesswork that comes with measuring dosages, CBD capsules are the most convenient way to get your preferred intake of premium organic CBD.

CBD For Energy + Focus

Life is busy, to say the least. With so many tasks to juggle in our lives and a ton of other distractions, it’s understandable that we all find it a little hard to focus at times. Many times, we find it hard to focus and find ourselves feeling drained.  Give your brain a boost with Simple Leaf’s CBD Nootropic blend.  Energy + Focus provides a perfect 20mg dose of CBD along with six powerful nootropics to help you power through your day.

Nootropic CBD capsules

Our Focus + Energy CBD capsules give your brain mental energy and help you get focused. Formulated by experts, The Focus + Energy CBD capsules contain research-backed ingredients that help you increase your focus and concentration even when under stress. Perfect for when you need to get things done.


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