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Modern Herb Co. Delta 9 THC Gummies


  • DELTA 9 THC: 10 mg per gummy
  • SAFETY: Vegan, Gluten-free
  • QUALITY: Rich spectrum of cannabinoids
  • LEGAL: Farm Bill compliant
  • RESTRICTIONS: Must be 21
  • COA: Full panel tested
  • ORIGIN: Oregon hemp
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Our vegan Delta 9 THC gummies are delicious, potent, and easy to dose with 10 mg Delta 9 THC per gummy.  Our gummies are made with delicious juicy flavors and are a perfect texture. They are a discreet form factor that’s perfect for travel.

With so many options online, why choose ours?

We are passionate about exceeding customer expectations and spend time to get the flavor and texture right so its an enjoyable experience the whole way through. We batch test our products to ensure there’s consistent potency you can rely on every time you order and this also ensures every batch is safe and free of anything that shouldn’t be in there. We use the highest quality ingredients but still keep our products affordable because we want people to have access to quality products and don’t want costs to be prohibitive. We know these products are used as medicine by some and we hold ourselves to a high standard to deliver.

What You Get

Our Delta 9 Gummies pack contains a total of 300 mg Delta 9 THC and each gummy contains 10 mg of Delta 9 in an easy-to-cut square so you can dose easily. We recommend eating a full gummy for lift off or 1/4 to 1/2 a gummy to microdose. Many customers have given feedback that they like to microdose these gummies during the week for a mood boost without psychotropic-caused impairment and then take a whole gummy after work for a stronger effect. By playing with your dosing you can use the gummy in different settings.

Is This Legal?

The Delta 9 in our gummies is the same Delta 9 THC you would find in a cannabis product. The reason why we can legally sell it is because the 2018 Farm Bill allows for Delta 9 THC to be in CBD products as long as the Delta 9 THC is derived from CBD (which it is) and as long as the Delta 9 THC stays under .3% of the total weight of the product (which it is as gummies are heavy). Our products including these gummies are compliant, legal to ship, and consume.


Many consumers describe the effects of Delta 9 THC as increasing presence, bringing down anxiety, and creating deeper and more meaningful social interactions. All of this can vary from person to person; it’s really about your mood and intent. Whether you want to use Delta 9 THC to relax, feel more connected, enjoy nature, meditate, increase flow or party; it’s a great product you should experience for yourself.


We recommend one gummy for the average person and potentially two for those with a higher tolerance. For most, one gummy will still allow for a social and active experience whereas two could be heavy and is recommended for times where relaxation is the goal. All of this depends on each person’s tolerance level though so it’s always recommended to start with the minimum dose and build from there to have the best experience.

It’s important to note that edibles take 30-60 minutes to first take effect (depending on a person’s digestive speed and other factors) and up to 2-3 hours to feel the peak of the effects. Never increase dosing until after 2-3 hours to ensure an accurate gauge of the peak intensity of the last dose.

Our vegan Delta 9 gummies contain fruit pectin which makes them easier to digest and thus more bioavailable. This means the effects of our gummy may be felt sooner than with standard slower-digesting gelatin-based alternatives. The fruit pectin also has a higher melt point and minimizes the risk the gummies will accidentally melt when left or stored in warm places.

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