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HempLucid Herbs & Mushrooms Stress Relief Capsules


There’s no such thing as a magic pill, but HempLucid Stacks come close. Lion’s mane, nettles, and CBD can help support the HPA axis and reduce stress.


Take one serving (three capsules) daily, or as needed, between 30 minutes and an hour before results are desired.

Store at room temperature.

Consistent use is the best way to determine if this product works for you. If you haven’t noticed any effects after the first few days, we recommend that you use this product every day for 30 days to see how it works for you.

Hemplucid Stacks are designed to last for 30 days (one serving per day). You can always take more than one each day or combine them with another product like a tincture or soft-gel.

For Stress Stacks, mid-morning or before lunch is the best time to take one.

Tilt your chin down, not up — capsules float! Looking downward makes them easier to swallow.

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