Happy Fruit Live Rosin Delta 9 THC Gummies


New Live Rosin gummies from Happy Fruit! Each gummy contains 25mg Live Rosin, of which 15mg is activated Delta 9 THC. These gummies pack a punch, and have great euphoric effect.

Three blends available:

  • Ocean Breeze with 5mg THCv
  • Watermelon Wellness with 25mg each CBDa and CBGa
  • Blueberry Dream with 10mg CBN


Ocean Breeze – These energizing gummies each have 25mg Live Rosin (15mg D9-THC) and 5 mg THCv. Great for daytime use, you will feel euphoric, motivated and energized.

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Watermelon Wellness – These gummies are all about pain management. Each gummy has 25mg Live Rosin (15mg D9-THC), 25mg CBDa and 25mg CBGa. You’ll experience feelings of euphoria and all over relief.

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Blueberry Dream – This D9/CBN combo could be the perfect gummy for settling in and getting a good night’s rest. Each gummy contains 25mg Live Rosin (15mg Delta-9 THC) and 10mg CBN. CBN is a naturally occurring sedative molecule produced by the cannabis plant.

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What is Live Rosin? Live Rosin is one of the highest quality extraction methods for cannabis. Flash-frozen, or “Live” cannabis is compressed using a heated hydraulic press, producing the purest and cleanest extraction, dubbed Live Rosin.

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