Wild Orchard THCa Pre-Rolls


  • Indoor Grown, Hand-Rolled THCa Pre-rolls
  • 100% Full-Spectrum Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids
  • 3rd-Party Lab Tested
  • All Hemp Organically Grown in Oregon
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Our THCA Live Resin Pre-Rolls offer fresh, full spectrum flower. This Thca flower offers a super powerful terpene concentration so you can enjoy flavor and potency like never before, for satisfaction on a whole new level.

Sativa: Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers a very high amount of THCA, so that a little goes a long way. Its flavor profile alone is intensely satisfying, with cherry, lemon and mint flavors paired with rich and nutty cookie undertones. Its body high is capable of knocking out tension, while its euphoric, tranquil cerebral effects are out of this world. Because we use live resin, you’ll be treated to even bigger flavor and effectiveness.

Lab Test: https://www.wildorchardhemp.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/144-Cookies-23-THCA-COA.pdf

Hybrid: Pandemic is a hybrid strain that’s new to the scene, coming from the Kush family and offering close to a 50/50 balance. This fast-acting strain starts off energizing and euphoric, before presenting a warm and tingly body high and a feeling of enhanced sociability, along with calm. 

Lab Test: https://www.wildorchardhemp.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/144-Pandemic-23-THCA-COA.pdf

Indica: Jolly Rancher is an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts a sweet grape candy taste, and its powerful effects can give you the sensation of being wrapped in a warm blanket, all while even a little bit can knock out the stress that’s been weighing down your mood. Because of the live resin, you’ll enjoy this strain on a whole new level, as live resin offers a far higher concentration of terpenes that are noticeably fresher as well.

Lab Test: https://www.wildorchardhemp.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/154-Jolly-Rancher-23-THCA-COA-1.pdf

The pre-roll has undergone extensive third-party testing, to make sure it complies with our super strict quality, safety, and purity standards. As always, we loaded this pre-roll with locally grown, organic hemp, to give you the outstanding quality that our customers deserve. Naturally full spectrum, this pre-roll treats you to the entourage effect so that you can experience a broad range of desirable properties inherent to the hemp plant, all while enjoying a powerful delta 9 THC high that’s totally legal.

Our indoor grown THCa pre-rolls are packed in two convenient options for you: The 2-count tube features two 0.75g pre-rolls, perfectly sealed to lock in freshness.The 5-count jar offers five 0.75g pre-rolls, snugly fit into a compact and portable jar.

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