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Simple Leaf CBG Oil stands out as one of the highest quality, lab-certified organic CBG oils available in the market. It’s designed for those who seek a potent and pure supplement to enhance their health routine. Whether you’re looking to improve general well-being, manage discomfort, or incorporate a natural supplement into your diet, Simple Leaf provides a trustworthy and effective solution.


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Unlock the powerful benefits of CBG with Simple Leaf’s premium CBG Oil, your ultimate solution for integrating wellness into your daily routine. Simple Leaf CBG Oil tincture is meticulously crafted from cannabigerol (CBG), a rare cannabinoid found in organic hemp, known for its remarkable therapeutic properties. With Simple Leaf CBG Oil, you are choosing a product that combines purity, potency, and the peace of mind that comes with lab-certified quality.

Product Features:

Pure CBG Formula: Each bottle contains 100% pure CBG oil, free from THC, ensuring you receive all the benefits without any psychoactive effects. Our oil is flavorless, ideal for adding a wellness boost to your favorite recipes and beverages without altering the taste.

High Concentration: Offering 50mg of CBG per serving with 30 servings per bottle, Simple Leaf ensures a potent and effective dosage to help you achieve maximum relief.

Organic and Locally Sourced: Our CBG is extracted from USA-farmed organic hemp, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable agriculture and superior quality.

Easy and Efficient Usage: The sublingual method of use (placing CBG oil under the tongue) allows for fast absorption and quicker effects, making it a convenient option for everyday wellness.


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