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Simple Leaf CBD Mood Boost Capsules


Giving you the goods to say goodbye to stress and hello happiness. Mood Boost is the perfect mix of CBD, vitamins, herbs, amino acids, and adaptogens to help with occasional stress and anxiety. Each serving includes 20mg of lab-tested organic CBD.  And while CBD is powerful on its own… It’s the complementary ingredients that make this formula one of a kind.

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A collection of carefully formulated natural and botanical ingredients that support the systems that respond to stress. Simple Leaf CBD’s Mood Boost. Helps you stay calm and motivated throughout your day. Mood Boost is an innovative mood-boosting and stress relief supplement that’s unlike any other on the market. Mood Boost by Simple Leaf CBD features an herbal ingredient formula – Rhodiola Rosea, Chamomile, Bacopa Monnieri, CDP-Choline, Vitamin B12, and CBD to help your body naturally get rid of stress and boost your mood.*

Natural Stress Relief Pills

Simple Leaf’s Mood Boost CBD Capsules were expertly curated to contain the optimal holistic mix of adaptogens, herbs, and vitamins known to support daily stress relief so that you can keep calm and motivated.

This CBD Capsule is packed with a unique combination of vitamins, herbs, amino acids, and adaptogens that help support mood and stress.*

Mood & Stress Support

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by occasional daily stress? You’re not the only one. We know the feeling, which is why we created CBD Mood Boost.

It’s not always easy to be social, relaxed, or positive. We combined mood-supporting herbal ingredients to aid your positive energy throughout the day and help balance the body’s response to occasional stress.

Herbal Stress Reducer

Stress is a part of daily life. Effectively managing it should be too. Our Mood Boost CBD Capsules deliver relief naturally — with premium organic CBD, herbs, adaptogens, and vitamins. Because even occasional stress deserves regular care.


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