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Nano Mist Sublingual Aerosol Tincture
Artisan Blends with Bio-active Botanical Terpenes

Monarch’s Nano Mist Sublingual Aerosol tinctures are formulated for everyday use. Now with more CBD (cannabinoids) and true water-soluble technology including Hempzorb81® for maximum absorption and bio-availability. Using a proprietary entourage blend of cannabinoids, bio-active terpenes, herbs and botanicals, the sublingual sprays are the most effective delivery method on the market. A great convenient alternative to normal oil tinctures at a better overall value. Use the daily formulas throughout your day to help keep you alert and focused while promoting overall vitality, health and wellness. When you’re ready to wind down, try our relaxing formulas for a calm and restful evening to deep sustained sleep.



Nano Mist CBD Aerosols containing unprecedented bio-active terpene blends provide targeted, controlled sensory effects to aid sleep, anxiety, pain management and appetite control

Monarch Life Sciences is pleased to offer a line of receptor specific sublingual tincture aerosols, including the addition of beneficial cannabinoids and bio-active, effect-based terpenes. The sublingual aerosols include five primary terpene enhanced formulations – MOOD LIFT, PEACE OUT, RELIEF RESCUE, M.E.L.T. and DEEP ZZZ’S. Each sublingual aerosol contains 2000mg of full-spectrum CBD, a water soluble micellized CBD, bio-active terpenes, herbs, botanicals, and other essential cannabinoids delivering 200+ sprays at 10.0mg of cannabinoids per actuation use.

Suggested use:

Shake well for 5 seconds before each use. Position actuator nozzle directly under the tongue (sublingual) and press firmly spraying 2-3 times. You can also spray in to the inner cheeks of the mouth. You may notice a residual ‘cloud’ emanating from your mouth which is perfectly normal. This is only a condensation gas from your warm breath and does not contain any of the active product. Allow spray product sit in the mouth for 2-3 minutes before consuming beverages or food. Recommended use is 2-3 sprays 1-3 times daily not to exceed 12 uses per day. For best results do not drink or eat for several minutes after use.
*For the SLEEP product, use 2-4 sprays right before bedtime after brushing without liquids after.
*For M.E.L.T. product, use in between meals as desired or right before meals (15-30 min.) to curb cravings or appetite.

Product Care:

If spray actuator becomes clogged or drips, remove spray nozzle and rinse thoroughly with hot water. Do NOT submerse main aluminum cannister in hot water at any time as contents are under pressure and may explode.

Each regular sublingual aerosol product is 2000mg premium hemp-derived full spectrum CBD and Hempzorb81 and each spray provides 10mg at 180+ uses.

Monarch Life Sciences, LLC is a fully integrated, science-based Colorado Corporation bringing compassion, community engagement and pharmaceutical industry precision to the development, production and dispensing of medical-grade hemp-derived cannabinoids through tested and clinically proven aerosol devices, proprietary formulations, and remedy-specific consumer products.

Aerosols are defined as a system of colloidal particles sealed in a metal container under pressure, dispersed as a gas or vapor (nano mist) using a pharmaceutical grade FDA approved propellant, HFA134a.
Monarch’s pressurized Metered Spray Inhaler Atomizer, Sublingual and Topical Aerosols are devices that deliver a precise amount of proprietary hemp-derived full-spectrum cannabinoid formulation directly into the lungs, under the tongue or on the surface of the skin.
Monarch’s Inhaler, Sublingual, and Topical product incorporates an aluminum canister, dispensing valve and actuator allowing proprietary Hemp-derived Cannabinoid oils to be administered at a precise administration once activated.
Our formulas contain proprietary cannabinoid and terpene blends including Hempzorb81® Micelle Purzorb® CBD for maximum entourage effectiveness.
Aerosol Delivery Benefits:
  • Accurate individual spray usage
  • Optimum active cannabinoid bioavailability
  • Quicker effective release and onset
  • Greater absorption levels
  • Discrete and convenient usage
  • Lower cost per use

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