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Monarch Life Sciences-Nano Mist Aerosol Oral Sprays


Nano Mist™ Sublingual delivers a precise metered spray of proprietary hemp-derived, cannabinoid formulation under the tongue to the sublingual region where enhanced bioavailability absorption has a faster onset, shorter duration, and lower intensity than oral edibles and dropper based tinctures.

Artisan Blended Formulas with Bio-active Terpenes

Sublingual Aerosol Tincture – 2000mg CBD – 10mg per spray

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Nano Mist Sublingual Aerosol Tinctures
Artisan Blends with Bio-active Botanical Terpenes

Monarch’s Nano Mist Sublingual Aerosol tinctures are formulated for everyday use. Now with more CBD (cannabinoids) and true water-soluble technology including Hempzorb81® for maximum absorption and bio-availability. Using a proprietary entourage blend of cannabinoids, bio-active terpenes, herbs and botanicals, the sublingual sprays are the most effective delivery method on the market. A great convenient alternative to normal oil tinctures at a better overall value. Use the daily formulas throughout your day to help keep you alert and focused while promoting overall vitality, health and wellness. When you’re ready to wind down, try our relaxing formulas for a calm and restful evening to deep sustained sleep.

Artisan Crafted Functional Effect-based Formulas:

M.E.L.T. – optimal Metabolism, Energy, Lean and Trim formula

MOOD LIFT – great for everyday mood or mental health management

RESCUE RELIEF – ideal for pain management or exercise recovery

PEACE OUT – excellent for anxiety and stress management

DEEP ZZZ’S – optimum insomnia relief and deep sleep aid

Aerosol Benefits:

● Accurate and consistent metered administration

● Convenient and discrete usage

● Optimum active bioavailability and uptake

● Quicker effective release/onset and maximum absorption

● Lower cost per use and cost per milligram CBD

Desired Effect, Flavor Profile & Ingredients

M.E.L.T. – Lean & Fit

Optimal metabolism, sustained energy, appetite control, blood sugar levels, digestion, weight management, fitness.

  • Orange Tangerine with Garcinia Cambogia & Ashwagandha
    Flavor Profile:
     Mandarin orange and tangerine citrus
    Bio-active terpene effect: Metabolism boost & appetite control
cbd aerosol orange
cbd aerosol garcinia
cbd aerosol ashwagandha

 MOOD LIFT – Bye-Bye Blues

Mood management, anxiety & stress relief, fatigue, daily balance

  • Melon Berry with 5-HTP and Ashwagandha & Holy Basil
    Flavor profile:
     watermelon, berry, sweet ginger
    Bio-active terpene effect: Mood & Motivation
cbd aerosol melon
cbd aerosol berry
cbd aerosol holy basil

RELIEF RESCUE – Recover & Renew

Daily activity, muscles & joints mobility, exercise recovery, stress relief

  • Sweet Mint with Alpha-lipoic Acid & MSM
    Flavor profile: sweet herb, mint, menthol, watermelon, berry
    Bio-active terpene effect: Pain Manager
cbd aerosol mint
cbd aerosol spearmint
cbd aerosol msm

PEACE OUT – Chill & Unwind

Stress relief, calm mindfulness, anti-anxiety, relaxation, appetite

  • Vanilla Spice with Magnesium & Chamomile
    Flavor Profile:
     vanilla chai, cinnamon, lemon balm
    Bio-active terpene effect: Mellow Relaxed
cbd aerosol vanilla
cbd aerosol cinnamon
cbd aerosol chamomile

DEEP ZZZ’s – Dreamz Away

Insomnia relief, calm mind, deep relaxation & rest, sustained sleep

  • Citrus Mint with CBN, Passion Flower & Chamomile
    Flavor profile:
     lemon herb, light lavender, citrus, peppermint
    Bio-active terpene effect: Deep REM Sleep

    cbd aerosol chamomile sleep
    cbd aerosol passion flower sleep
    cbd aerosol lavender sleep

Suggested Use:

Shake well for 5 seconds before every application. Use 2 to 4 sprays under tongue (or inner cheeks) 1 to 3 times daily. After spraying application, allow to sit in mouth for 1-3 minutes before having any beverages or food intake. Do not exceed 12 total uses per day. Delivers 10mg of Full-spectrum Hemp-derived extract CBD per use. 180+ sprays (actuations).

Suggested use:

Shake well for 5 seconds before each use. Position actuator nozzle directly under the tongue (sublingual) and press firmly spraying 2-3 times. You can also spray in to the inner cheeks of the mouth. You may notice a residual ‘cloud’ emanating from your mouth which is perfectly normal. This is only a condensation gas from your warm breath and does not contain any of the active product. Allow spray product sit in the mouth for 2-3 minutes before consuming beverages or food. Recommended use is 2-3 sprays 1-3 times daily not to exceed 12 uses per day. For best results do not drink or eat for several minutes after use.

*For the SLEEP product, use 2-4 sprays right before bedtime after brushing without liquids after.

*For M.E.L.T. product, use in between meals as desired or right before meals (15-30 min.) to curb cravings or appetite.

Each regular sublingual aerosol product is 2000mg premium hemp-derived full spectrum CBD and Hempzorb81 and each spray provides 10mg at 180+ uses.

Product Care:
If spray actuator becomes clogged or drips, remove spray nozzle and rinse thoroughly with hot water. Do NOT submerse main aluminum cannister in hot water at any time as contents are under pressure and may explode.

*For M.E.L.T., use in between or right before meals as desired to curb cravings.

*For DEEP ZZZ’s use right at bedtime after brushing and without liquids.

See study on adaptogens and CBD

Lab Tests/COAs

Deep ZZZ’s


Mood Lift

Peace Out

Relief Rescue


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Deep Zzz's, MELT, Mood Lift, Relief Rescue, Peace Out


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