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HempLucid Full-Spectrum CBD + CBN Water Soluble Sleep Tincture


A good night’s sleep starts here.

Take this flavorful CBD and CBN tincture to support your zzzzzz’s. Natural and delicious lavender mint flavor.

Add this tincture to your favorite sleepytime tea for slow-and-steady sips throughout the evening, or take sublingually for quicker effects.

The Water Soluble can also be vaped — alone or mixed with other e-liquids — for a quicker absorption that may work better for you.


Introducing our first ever CBN tincture! Support better sleep with this stellar full-spectrum tincture.

Not only does this Water Soluble tincture support deep sleep and restoration for the body, it also comes in a relaxing and refreshing Lavender Mint flavor.

The addition of our nano electrolyte blend (unique to our Water Soluble products) embeds nanoclusters of water into the formulation to maximize absorption rates. Mix it with a drink, take it directly under the tongue, or vape it — this Water Soluble can be taken however you like to get the effect you’re looking for.

Don’t miss another wink of sleep — order this tasty tincture today!

Do not operate heavy machinery after taking this CBN tincture.

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