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Joe Brennan
CBD Pioneer

“How the Deaths of Two Family Members Led Me on a Journey into the CBD Industry”

“I started to get a sense that this plant has more than just physical healing properties. It also helped emotionally in comforting the families coping with the stress. I knew at this point that I was on my path and had found my calling. Hemp would become the next decade of passion in my life.”



Courage in Cannabis is a collection of eighteen diverse authors that share how cannabis has changed their lives.  Visionary author and physician, Dr. Bridget Williams brought together doctors, lawyers, moms, caregivers, patients and entrepreneurs to share their stories. They share how they each took chances, tested their faith, prepared for the fight and of course displayed courage by partnering with a highly stigmatized plant for wellness, joy and profit. Our foreword author Kevin Greene, COO of Cleveland School of Cannabis, shares not only his own experience in the world of cannabis, but prepares the reader for the journey of the authors by expressing how courageous each of the authors had to be to even share their story.  This book is for anyone curious about the culture and people in the world of cannabis. Whether a patient, parent or the budding entrepreneur this book will inspire you and challenge your view of how a simple plant can have such a huge impact on the world.

1 review for Courage in Cannabis Book

  1. Margaret S

    Love the book! So inspiring to me.

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