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Infused experience from Chef Roslyn

Join us May 11th for an infused experience from Chef Roslyn.
Menu by Roslyn Nevel
Executed by Roslyn Nevel and Christian Parker
Infusions by Kadell Nevel
Kitchen Master and Nourivar co-founder Roslyn Nevel first got the opportunity to cross the Atlantic at the age of 13.  From her following visits to Europe to obtaining her degree from the one and only Culinary Institute of America, Roslyn has always had an immense appreciation for cross-cultural concoctions. In tasting this menu, you will travel from Spain to Italy, California to Mexico, and everything in between.
Plant Science Specialist and Nourivar co-founder Kadell Nevel is the reason that you’ll be heading home this evening with a smile. Each dish is infused with a different strain, particularly to deliver very specific effects to consumers. The infusions for this menu are designed to keep you sociable and engaged, but also calm and relaxed while still noticing each shift in effects.


May 11 - 13 2024


3:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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