+PlusHemp™ Red Raw Hemp Extract Softgels

These are the same formula as the Plus CBD Red Raw Hemp Extract Softgels, just their original brand.


Product Description


5mg of Raw Hemp Sourced CBDa/CBD in each capsule.  This is truly a nice healthy dose of CBDa/CBD each time you take it.
A convenient way to get the purest form of CBDa/CBD.
Infused with concentrated CBD from agricultural hemp aerial plant parts, these easy-to-take softgels ensure you get an exact quantity of CBD in every serving.
Softgel CBD gel caps are absorbed into the digestive tract at a faster rate than other varieties of capsules. Our CBD Softgels are made with CBD rich hemp oil. They also feature extra virgin olive oil and utilize a vegetarian softgel casing. Each small bottle contains 30 Raw CBDa/CBD gel caps. Each large bottle contains 60 CBDa/CBD softgels.
  • CBD Rich Hemp Oil in Vegan Capsules
  • All-Natural Hemp Based Cannabidiol is a Whole Food Source of Nutrition
  • All-Natural, Non-GMO hemp extracted CBD; No Synthetic Chemicals used in the Growing of the Hemp
  • Gentle on the stomach and digestive tract; can be taken when stomach is empty or full.
  • Vegan Capsules are Kosher, too!
  • No Preservatives
  • Made in the U.S.A
For years, many people have trusted PlusCBD Hemp Oil Products.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound derived from Hemp and is NON-PSYCHOACTIVE.  Never any artificial colors, preservatives or ingredients of any sort.
Ingredient List:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, CBD rich hemp oil, vegetarian softgel capsules, silica.
Customer Reviews

2 reviews for +PlusHemp™ Red Raw Hemp Extract Softgels

  1. 2 Reviews


    Been taking CBD for some time until I discovered the raw capsules. They work 10 times better for my ulcerative colitis condition than other capsules I’ve tried. They make a huge difference. 5 stars!!

  2. 2 Reviews

    Misty Armenta

    These really help with my IBS more so than other types of CBD I’ve tried. As they explained the raw CBDa is more effective for inflammatory conditions in the body. I take one in the morning and one in the evening and my symptoms have almost went away!

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