Paw-rrific Relief Locally-Made CBD Dog Treats

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  • Locally made dog treats
  • 5mg of CBD per treat
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Must be Refrigerated
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These 5mg CBD Dog treats are locally made with all natural ingredients. Recommended dose is 1 treat per day per 50lbs. Non-psychoactive must be refrigerated!

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8 reviews for Paw-rrific Relief Locally-Made CBD Dog Treats

  1. Jeff

    These treats are awesome!

    I have 2 older Dachshunds and they love these treats. As they are getting older they seem to have achy joints, and inflammation. This was causing them to want to slow down and not be as active as they used to be. These CBD dog treats help alleviate the joint pain and have them acting like they are 2-3 years younger.

  2. Rocky

    Omar Loves his treats

    Bought these treats hoping that they would help with some aches and pains of him growing older. They seemed to have done the trick. He now jumps in the back of the car instead of taking it slow. One of the other benefits of these treats he now speak 3 or more languages, he is fluent in German Shepard, French Bulldog and Spanish Spaniel.

  3. GS

    my dogs LOVE these treats….

    My 12 year old Lab had a blood clot in his neck, it burst and disappeared. The Vet was shocked at how this could happen. He had been on paw-riffic treats for about 6 weeks. He has no signs of the blood clot. My Pomeranian experienced anxiety, she would not sleep at night. Taking the CBD treats has calmed her. I have seen such an improvement in both of dogs.

    My fur babies are part of my family, I want them to live a good quality life. With paw- riffic, I hope I get spend many more years with them.

  4. Christine


    I have a 11 year old senior labradoodle, who had recently become easily fatigued, was eating less, had weight loss, a few lumps, and just over all seemed to be deteriorating. I did some research, and decided to purchase these treats, which ended up being the best decision I’ve made for my ole guy. After 3 days of taking the treats I saw immediate results, it was AMAZING! It was like he was a brand new pup! He was eating, had more energy to play with his younger brother, even had no issues getting from floor to couch. After a month or two the results were even better, he started to gain his weight back, the side lumps had decreased in size, and still he had energy like I had not seen in quit some time. I also decided to try and give an extra treat around July everyday because of his severe anxiety to fireworks, and he was much calmer, he did not pace the house, but simply just lay as if nothing was going on at all! He’s been on the treats for several months now, and is just a brand new dog. I highly recommend this product for anyone with a senior dog that is in decline, any dog with anxiety, or weight gain issues!! Thank you for your help!

  5. Amy F.

    A great treat for anxious dogs

    These treats really work! We have a hyper mid size dog and these help her calm down, much easier for the travelling we have to do with her. Also our other little anxious dog likes them too! And they love the taste too :)I highly recommend them!

  6. Robert Finley

    The man working last night at closing time saw me pull up. He waved me in and made me feel very welcome. He didn’t make me feel like I was imposing and causing him to stay late. I appreciated this since my dog was nearly out of CBD. Thanks again!

  7. Rachel

    My dog was having severe back pains for a while. They got so bad he wouldn’t even get off the couch. We took him to the vet and they said he would need to come back for x rays. But then someone suggested cbd treats. I started giving him these daily and the pain went away completely. I even stopped giving them for a week and he went back to the same pain until I restocked. Best stuff ever.

  8. Ryan Kelley (verified owner)

    If I could have rated higher than perfect than I would😇my dogs 16 and has been wondering around the house..barking for no reason..not sleeping..knocking her food bowl over all the time..just totally not herself..I had a few friends recommend these cbd treats and I figured it was worth a shot..I have literally spent 100s of dollars trying to find something that worked..but after a very fast and professional delivery I let her try them..after 2 days(2 treats)she’s been soooooo much’s amazing..she has been eating normal/not knocking her bowl over/0 barking/0 wondering..last night was the first time I had slept well all night because when I would check on her she was sleeping like a baby 💙 I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I found this product..and I highly suggest that if you have a fur babies that’s having issues from pain to Anxiety or anything in between I’d not wait another moment and BUY IT NOW😇💙😍ill 110% be a returning customer and I will tell everyone I know about this and all the other stuff they offer 😇

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