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Many consumers describe the effects of Delta 9 THC as increasing presence, bringing down anxiety, and creating deeper and more meaningful social interactions and boosting mood. All of this can vary from person to person; as your state prior to consumption, the setting where these are consumed and your tolerance level will all create an experience nuanced to you. Whether you want to use Delta 9 THC to relax, feel more connected, enjoy nature, meditate, increase flow or party; this product is a great option and should benefit those experiences.


Modern Herb Co’s Live Resin line starts with an always strain-specific input because it brings in the widest range of photochemistry that has an impact on therapeutic potential, experience, taste, and aroma. We then compound formulate additional cannabinoids with that specific strain-specific Live Resin chosen for its profile to reach the desired target effects. Our products use the nomenclature Daytrip, Anytime, and Knockout instead of Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica as we feel the latter can be misleading but the categorization still useful.

DAYTRIP:  Live Resin cultivars selected for cultivars possessing CBDv and THCv cannabinoids and terpene profiles which will guide the desired Sativa effect (Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, & Pinene), further supplemented with CBG to aid in the Focus Flow effect.

ANYTIME: Live Resin cultivars selected for the most aromatic profiles that aren’t dominant in cannabinoids or terpenes that may be energetic or sedating focusing instead on a more balanced experience aimed at enabling a Better Day.

KNOCKOUT:  Live Resin cultivars selected for their predominantly relaxing terpene profiles (Linalool & Myrcene) and then further supplemented with CBN to help guide the desired Indica expereince of the Couch Lock effect.

Modern Herb Co only formulates with authentic Live Resin inputs for these products, and source cultivars from farms doing the greatest work to innovate in our space with thoughtful genetics and farm practices. This includes their friends at Tejas Farms of Texas and East Fork Cultivars of Oregon.

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