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Isodiol Bioactive ImmunAG 30ct


BIOACTIVE IMMUNAG is a completely natural herbal complex that helps support the EndoCannabinoid System. BioActive ImmunAG™ may also help to improve age-related cognitive functions, alleviate stress, feelings of anxiousness and body discomfort.

This product contains Hemp Based CBD and natural extracts derived from the Humulus Kriya and Humulus Ooty Hops plant. ImmunAG™ is a proprietary time released formula containing Bioactive CBD™, -Caryophyllene and -Humulene.

INGREDIENTS: BioActive CBD (available in 7.5mg, 40mg, and 100mg), -Caryophyllene 3mg, and -Humulene 1.5mg, Organic Rice Flour, Dicalcium Phosphate, HPMC, Silica, Vegetable Stearate