Hometown Hero Delta 9 THC Cereal Bars


Melted marshmallow binds sweet, crisp, fruity rice cereal for this gourmet take on your childhood favorite. And with 300mg of Delta-9 THC from hemp, nostalgia isn’t the only thing you’ll be feeling.

300mg per bar

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A 300mg Delta-9 THC treat that’s legal in all 50 states

Results may vary, but Delta-9 THC is a bringer of bliss, wonder, relaxation, and good times to many. And it’s 100% Farm Bill compliant when derived from hemp and ≤0.3% by dry weight.

And don’t let the 300mg intimidate you. These treats are scored in 75mg quarters that can be cut up for sharing or stowing for later.

Select Spectrum Cocoa Squares

300mg of CBD and 300mg of Delta-9 THC, all from hemp, come packed in a gooey, artisan-baked chocolate marshmallow cereal bar. Insanely delicious? Yes. A feat worthy of awe and respect? Quite so.

 the entourage effect

It’s not just one cannabinoid. It’s several. Together. And no matter the quantity, it will always have a 1:1 ratio of CBD to Delta-9 THC, in this case…300mg to 300mg.

Why this blend? When paired, CBD, Delta-9, and minor cannabinoids from hemp bring out the best in each other aka “the entourage effect.” But effects may vary.

Lab Tests/COAs

Cinna Squares

Coco Squares 1:1

Rainbow Squares

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Rainbow, Cinna Crunch, Coco 1:1


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