Hemplucid Water Soluble CBD Tincture


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Hemplucid contains ultra-refined, de-waxed, nano CBD (cannabidiol) concentrate bonded to vegetable glycerin for an all-natural, rapidly bio-available, water-soluble alternative to CBD oils. Hemplucid Water Soluble is naturally silky sweet, sugar-free, and low-glycemic.

Many people who are looking for the natural benefits of CBD have compromised GI (gastro-intestinal) tracts, which make the absorption of CBD oil more difficult. The oils are absorbed out of the small intestine which can take up to 1-2 hours. Hemplucid water soluble is an amazing alternative as the glycerin is absorbed quickly out of the stomach for fast action, even in people with problematic GI tracts. Hemplucid water soluble tastes great alone, but it can also be added to water or other beverages.

***This product is not designed for use in a vaporizer***

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    I really like hemplucid whole plant hemp extract. You can taste the terpenes well and it doesn’t take but 15 minutes to start taking effect.

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