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Hemplucid drops are some of the best tasting and fastest acting drop products in the industry. We offer five strengths; 150mg, 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg, & 1500mg

***This product is perfectly safe for oral ingestion.***

  • Hemplucid Drip is in 30 ml of organic, non-GMO, vegetable based glycerin.
  • Hemplucid Drip is one of the purest, cleanest, and most bio-available Whole-Plant™ CBD drops on the market.
  • The Whole-Plant™ CBD concentrate is infused 99:1 in vegetable based glycerin and polysorbate.
  • There is no propylene glycol in any of our products!
  • Contains less than the Federal legal <.3% THC
Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Hemplucid CBD Vape Drip

  1. 7 Reviews


    Best vape ever

    This is some of the best vape fluid I have ever found. I love the way it tastes nothing artificial nothing added. What you taste is what you get from their genetics.

  2. 7 Reviews

    Mary A.


    If you have trouble with onset anxiety, this vape oil is a godsend. It provides instant relief. I love this stuff!

  3. 7 Reviews


    Bye bye xanax

    I suffer from extreme anixety with panic attacks that cause heart issues. After 3 years i started looking into alt. Ways to help since my only option was taking xanax which made me tired hours after taking it. After checking with my doctor I started vaping this. I only use 150 as I find the task of vaping to be very calming so I tend to do it though out the day. My panic attacks have been kept at bay and anixety is staying low. This is a god send for me after suffering for 15 years

  4. 7 Reviews

    August W.


    I was stunned by the difference between sublingual ingestion versus vaping. If you haven’t found results with other methods, don’t give up just yet. For me, the 150mg strength alone provides plenty of relief. I haven’t even mentioned the pleasurable taste. This product is pure quality, through and through. I stand here in awe of Hemplucid Drip!

  5. 7 Reviews

    Christina Minoguchi

    This is THE best vape I have found to date! This is the ONLY one I will buy because it works amazingly well! You can’t go wrong with Hemplucid! Thanks Joe!

  6. 7 Reviews

    Brett Porter

    Awesome product, Love it!

  7. 7 Reviews

    Jewel D

    This is the only true CBD that does wat it says it does!!! As a veteran who suffers from numerous war related PTSD pain and CANT DO PAIN MEDS due to anxiety of being an addict this vape/drip has been a Godsend! It kills my pain quickly faster than traditional Rx pharmacy meds! Thanks Hemplucid🙋🏾‍♀️❤️🙏🏾

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