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At Happy Soul Cider we believe that a calm soul is the most radiant soul. Nothing is more nourishing for the soul than being at peace, as this allows us to go out into the world and share our most vibrant selves. We have found CBD to be vital sustenance for a tranquil happy soul, hence the name. The results of a balanced endocannabinoid system aka ECS is an overall feeling of relaxing, calm, tranquility that brings out our most radiant vibes. Everyone loves a tasty treat so we wanted to share the best feelings in the most delicious form, a delightful refreshing beverage! So we bottled up tranquility for everyone to enjoy!

The most vibrant delicious flavors can’t be faked. That’s why we frolicked the finest apple orchards to bring you the freshest of flavors of real organic apple juice! Sure we had to fight off a dragon or two! But it was well worth it!

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Berry Calm – We found a delightful release from everything the soul carries, CBD infused berries. It’s a little bit of paradise in every sip.

Boldly built with fruity freshness. This tropical treat is filled with immensely wild flavors. Hard not to guzzle, but truly a treat to savor each flavor.


Grape Lavender – Looking for a sweet escape? Reach for the grape! This variation of our Apple Cider is rich in flavor and balanced with a light floral freshness.

Nothing pairs better with fresh apple than gushing grape, infused with the most unique and refreshing flavor of lavender.


OG Fresh – The OG of apple cider. This is our spin on the traditional take of cider. The apple juice themselves are flooded with natural, sweet, refreshing flavors.

Not only do they quench your thirst on a hot sunny day. It’s the 22mg of CBD that instills a soothing serenity to enjoy each ray for an even brighter day.



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