H. Hemp CBD Super Breath Blast

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New H. Hemp CBD spray, Super Breath Blast. GQ Magazine picked the H. Hemp’s Super Breath Blast as the best hemp CBD spray in it’s list of the Top 5 hemp CBD supplement products! Our great taste and superior relief comes from our commitment to premium quality: we only use US-grown hemp flowers grown according to organic practices!

The Super Breath Blast hemp CBD spray is perfect for your pocket or purse so that you can easily and quickly improve your mood while on the go! The Super Breath Blast works fast because our water soluble technology allows the cannabinoids to go more directly into your bloodstream via the soft tissue of your mouth. Some say 1mg of our water soluble extract performs like 10mg of an oil tincture – so you can use less!

Feel better faster and keep your breath fresh! Each Super Breath Blast has a big, bold spray of peppermint in each of 80 sprays; At 2mg per spray, 2-3 sprays does the trick given the super bioavailability provided by our water soluble nanotechnology. Features 160mg of premium US-grown, water-soluble hemp extract.

Ingredients: Ethanol, Natural Peppermint Oil Extract, Glycerol, Water-Soluble Hemp Extract

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Weight .05 oz

2 reviews for H. Hemp CBD Super Breath Blast

  1. Gloria

    Clears my sinuses out in 1 spray. It is very strong so be careful. Works on my headaches I get from sinus pressure. I like that its nano cbd also. Works faster.

  2. Sal J

    Nano-cbd rocks! This product is great for my headaches

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