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Juicy apples, aromatic pears and full spectrum CBD have joined forces: roll out! With a sweet zest and tart finish, Apple Jack Pear is a perfect vape for any time! 50/50 PG/VG.

Blueberry Gelato is a groovy blend of tasty berries and sweet cream that will awaken your senses! Paired with full spectrum CBD extract, it’s deliciously decadent and will leave you craving for more!50/50 PG/VG.

This fruity hybrid will leave you with happy, uplifting effects alongside a mellow body euphoria. It scores big in taste and slam dunks with power. Imagine a tall glass of freshly squeezed peaches and tangerines in cloud form and that’s Peach Tangie. 50/50 PG/VG.


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2 reviews for Funky Farms CBD Vape Juice

  1. 2 Reviews


    Much more cost effective than purchasing cartridges

  2. 2 Reviews


    The apple jack pear flavor is so refreshing!

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