Hemp For Health *Approved Brands
  • Everbar Hemp Powered Meal Bar


    EVERBAR brings high-powered nutrition on-the-go in 4 delicious plant-powered flavors. Each bar is made with under 10 ingredients and is also free from GMO's, dairy, soy, and gluten.

    BLUEBERRY CASHEW: An orchestra of dried blueberries, paired with creamy notes of roasted cashews, and dark chocolate notes from raw cacao, balanced with hint of cinnamon.

    ALMOND CRANBERRY: With a tinge of sweetness and saltiness amplifying all the flavors, Almond Cranberry brings together savory toasted almonds, bright cranberries, sweet coconut and hemp seeds.

    GREEN POWER: With earthy tones and distant, bright notes of cranberry, Green Power includes hemp protein powder along with whole hemp seeds, and sporadic crackles of toasted sesame seeds.

    CINNAMON GINGER: Warm cinnamon flavor plus the sweet spice of ginger, with just a hint of molasses sweetening hemp, sesame and sunflower seeds.