Hemp For Health *Approved Brands

Hemp For Health started providing wholesale opportunities in 2012 for retail outlets and distributors. We have since become a nationwide resource for providing the highest quality CBD products available. We have established a standardized process of vetting brands and products before they ever become available to our customers and retailers. Hemp For Health has approved the brands we offer and stand behind them with a satisfaction guarantee. We provide education, staff training, product literature, posters and counter displays as needed. We specialize in assisting with product navigation for new clients getting started in the industry, as well as large bulk orders for manufactures and distributors.                                                  

We understand this is still a newly emerging, revolutionary product and market that is widely misunderstood. Therefore we provide complete transparency, and the key ingredients for success that we have learned along this journey of helping people. Our mission from the beginning was to help make CBD widely available for everyone everywhere. Contact us at hempforhealthdistribution@gmail.com